Unique and revolutionary small business marketing and fundraising products to help your business or nonprofit thrive in today's SOCIAL world!

Creating mobile solutions and LinkedIn messaging that provides lead generation for small businesses; and Board Member, Volunteer, and Donor Development for nonprofits

Mobile Apps for Charity helps nonprofit and small businesses increase their capacity to grow.

Imagine… bridging the gap between community-based nonprofits and small businesses. Mobile Apps for Charity brings unique (even revolutionary) cause marketing practices to your community!

Small Business Marketing

When small businesses become marketing partners of a nonprofit’s app they build goodwill in their community. Marketing partners also receive marketing services and tools delivered to a targeted audience via LinkedIn. They increase their website traffic with direct links on both the app and Mobile Apps for Charity’s website. Small businesses are able to capture more leads and build their client base with Mobile Apps for Charity.

Funding & Social Responsiblity

Two of the biggest challenges for nonprofits are communications and funding. Mobile Apps for Charity believes in social responsibility and provides a tool for connecting with the community they serve and their supporters FREE! Funding is important to your very existence. That’s why we have created several unique and revolutionary offerings so you can get the money you need to further your cause and solidify your future.

Mobile Solutions & Fundraising

At Mobile Apps for Charity, our mission is to develop mobile solutions for nonprofit organizations at no cost to them. Doing this, drives their sustained growth and increases their capacity to grow. At Mobile Apps for Charity, we LOVE NONPROFITS! Our small business marketing partners support our efforts. We deliver to them community visibility, increased Goodwill, positive media exposure, AND NEW CLIENTS.

Our Mission

At Mobile Apps for Charity, our mission is helping nonprofits thrive and small businesses grow. We believe that combining passion, giving and unity creates endless opportunities for growth.

“55% of consumers will pay extra for products and services from companies committed to positive social and environmental impact”-Nielsen

“We live by each other and for each other. Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”. – Helen Keller

Hear what people are saying about Mobile Apps For Charity

I highly recommend Mobile Apps for Charity! This platform allows for phenomenal partnerships between you and local charities that deepens your relationships in the community! Also provides great resources for business all so you may succeed in this mobile-centric world!

Alexa Kebalo-Hughes

Love that I can purchase a tool for my business and help charities at the same time.

Sarah Steck

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