4 Ways to Make A Difference By Being A Mentor.

For some people, work can be a source of stress and anxiety. Meeting the job requirements, dealing with fellow coworkers and understanding the work culture can be tasking. For such people, having someone to help them deal with these issues can make a world of difference. You can choose to be such a person by offering to be their mentor at work or in life.

With this choice, you make the work life of your mentee so much easier in several ways. Some of these include:

  • Work culture: One of the trickiest aspects of any job is understanding and navigating the work culture. You have the opportunity of helping your mentee grasp the dos and don’ts of the organization.
  • Networking: Development of a solid network is essential to success within any organization. You become a networking contact and are able to help your mentee further expand and sustain his or her network.
  • Feedback: As a mentor, you are a trusted voice for your mentee. As such, you are able to provide positive feedback to enable your mentee to excel. You are also a sounding board to address any questions or concerns from your mentee.
  • Growth:  You find ways to improve the skill set of your mentee by providing learning opportunities and exposure to fresh ideas and thought processes

There is a great benefit for you too! Being a mentor is an opportunity for you to give back to the company. Also, there is a satisfaction that comes from knowing that you have made a positive impact in the life of an individual; this impact will never be forgotten and always be appreciated. Furthermore, there is the possibility of developing a real friendship out of the mentorship.

Our suggestions don’t require any special set of skills or knowledge. All that is required is a heart that is willing to help and make a positive impact. Anybody can be a mentor! You can certainly be one too. Next time you are at work, make a difference in someone’s life by offering to be his or her mentor

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