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As a nonprofit, do you still need to be attracting customers to your website?

Since the beginning of the digital age, the internet has become increasingly important to businesses – especially when it comes to attracting customers. If you are a nonprofit does this apply? Absolutely! But who is your customer? Certainly donors and in today’s world it goes much farther than this. Today’s “customer” is tomorrow’s donor, volunteer and board member.

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This trend began with websites like Amazon and Ebay, which sell products online. Now, all companies, businesses and nonprofits have websites. From large, international organizations to those that are small and local it is crucial to be “seen”. It is important that you have a presence online through your own websites – but also social media websites. With the internet, a business can reach consumers from all over the world. The internet is also useful for marketing a company’s products or services. However, not all web sites are created equal. A good website has a number of qualities that help it to stand out and attract customers.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a way to make your website more visible and accessible to visitors as well as attracting customers to your website. The internet is filled with countless pages. Search engines go through each of these pages nearly instantaneously seeking the requested information. In order to find the information, the search engine goes according to two factors. According to Moz, these factors are relevance and popularity. To give one example of a popular search engine’s ranking factor, Google ranks keywords appearing in the domain name, keywords appearing as the first word in the domain name, domain registration length and a keyword appearing in the sudomain name.

Image Two-Attracting CustomersThere are other factors, but these are the top four. Three of these factors involve keywords. The use of keywords is very important in search engine optimization and attracts customers to your website. A keyword should be specific for the purpose of attracting customers to your website. Keywords should also have a level of diversity. If you are using the same keywords as your competitor it will prevent you from standing out.

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Organizing Your Website

Now that you have attracted visitors to your website, you want to make sure that your visitors have an easy time navigating your site and are able to easily locate what they are looking for. Do not underestimate such factors as a pleasing design and layout. While most websites go for grey or black letters on a white background, you might also choose to use a grey or black background with white letters as some individuals find this easier to read. The font you choose should be easily readable. Times New Roman is the standard form. Futura, Apercu and Proxima Nova are also popular. A good layout and design makes your website both professional and easy to navigate.

You should also consider the use of graphics when setting up your website. Your logo is a big factor in making your organization easily recognizable. Don’t skimp here! Images related to your product can also attract visitors. There is a saying that a picture speaks a thousand words. In general, articles that have pictures have substantially more views than those that don’t. This is because images are processed more rapidly than words and can draw in the visitor’s attention quickly. There is also strength in simplicity. A good layout for a website should be free of clutter and the visitor should be able to quickly find what they are looking for.

Bringing It All Together

The task of creating a website can seem overwhelming at first. There are millions of websites. The challenge is making your website stand out. By learning how to use keywords to attract visitors to your site and how to create a layout that will give visitors a satisfying experience you can help your business develop, grow and thrive.


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