Benefits of Cause Marketing

Benefits of Cause Marketing in Your Community.

When a local business partners with a charity it can be a wonderful way to help both entities gain positive exposure and funding. This type of collaboration between entities is known in the marketing industry as “cause marketing.” As you will see, there are HUGE benefits of cause marketing in your community.

If you aren’t sure what this type of partnership can look like, there are many successful, large-scale examples right under your nose, like Red Nose Day, organized by Comic Relief, which is an organization that strives to end child poverty in the United States and around the world. The group partnered with Walgreens, which shared in-store signage; online and televised advertising; and offered red clown noses for sale at checkouts to get the message out about the organization’s yearly fun-raising event. Last year the sale of over 12 million red noses at Walgreens stores raised $18 million.┬áCustomers participated not only through monetary donations but also by wearing their red noses in social media pics tagged with #rednoseday.

A smaller scale approach does not need to be as multi-layered and high-profile as Comic Relief’s campaign to be successful and have an impact. Durty Bull Brewery in Durham, North Carolina, partners with a different local charity each month and donates Thursday Happy Hour sales to the chosen organization. The brewery helps to spread publicity for the non-profits through advertising the weekly event on their website and social pages and makes it easy for their patrons to contribute to a good cause. The charity groups also publicize the goodwill efforts of the brewery to their network of supporters, bringing new customers to the business. Professional and community groups are also encouraged to host gatherings at the brewery on Thursday nights which is another way to increase exposure and donations.

Cause marketing is a relatively cheap way to spread positive publicity for each entity involved. If you’re a small business owner wondering how to get started, first consider any causes that you or your employees are passionate about and see if there are charities around you that align with those passions. If you are a non-profit, think about which businesses you interact with most in your community, personally or professionally, and which seem open to a partnership. No matter which side you are on there are benefits of cause marketing.

When you are beginning your cause marketing plan, make sure someone from both parties is involved. As Jessica Bosari of Forbes magazine’s Money Wise Women recommends, “It is important to let the public know what the cause is, then give them a time frame during which your company will build support for the cause.”

Social media can be a key part of getting the word out to current followers and their friends about events where their participation can help. This is a great help in showcasing your company and help you recognize the benefits of cause marketing. Once your event is organized or another type of participation is established and communicated you may begin to see new benefits for your business or community and gain insight to future marketing ideas for your organization through interaction with fans and followers.

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