What do you think? Can you change the world?

We believe you CAN change the world. Each one of us has the ability and opportunity.

Every day nonprofit organizations around the country put their causes on display. They use a unique style filled with their passion, enthusiasm and commitment. Whatever their cause, they are behind it 100%.

Change the WorldEach day many others are doing their part to live the American Dream – small business ownership. By doing so, they do their part to change the world or at least their world! Many had an idea. Others were thrust into a situation due to circumstances. Each day they fight the fight and strive to live the dream. They wear many hats and play many positions in a world that changes in an instant. Between technology and regulations, change is the most constant thing many have.

We created Mobile Apps for Charity for them – nonprofits and small businesses. We will both salute them and help them.

It’s our belief that nonprofits and small business can do even more together. People use phrases like Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Consciousness. We want to make sure they mean it. Nonprofits and small businesses can work together and propel forward to a better place.

It’s our belief that nonprofits and small business can do even more together. Click To Tweet

How? At the top of our list is helping nonprofits communicate better. Next to that is helping small businesses thrive. We are linking these two together through Mobile Apps for Charity. This creates a dynamic that is unbeatable and unstoppable.

Our blog celebrates the nonprofits, small businesses and individuals who are making this happen. We focus on the good they do for their organizations and their community. Each is striving to make the world a better place.

We will also share Small Business Marketing, Social Media and general business tips. All this designed to generate leads and grow your organization. You’ll also find suggestions designed to help each of us be better people.

Make sure to subscribe to our email list. We would like to include you as someone with whom we celebrate. Just for signing up, we have gift for you – our social responsibility infographic.

Make a difference in your unique way. Just decide to do something for the right reasons. Click To Tweet

Join us and make a difference in your unique way. Change the world! There’s no right way or wrong way to do it – just decide to do something for the right reasons. We will all benefit!

About Us

Mobile Apps for Charity (MAFC) is a division of Tourbillon Alliance Partners. MAFC creates native mobile applications for select nonprofit and charitable organizations. We provide these at no cost to the organization. Small businesses sponsor the apps. Sponsors receive marketing (mobile, social and print). They also receive access to exclusive marketing tools. We help them generate leads and build their brand. Participating small businesses earn a generation of new clients.

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