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The Corporate Social Responsibility Conversation

In today’s world, we find ourselves increasingly surrounded with and touched by social issues. The consumer community hungers more and more for organizations and companies that are willing and able to support (and even condemn) the issues we deal with on a daily basis. We find¬†today’s world is increasingly about corporate social responsibility.

“We live in a customer-centric and highly connected world where consumers not only want to feel good about their purchase but also want to make use of social media to share the story behind the purchase.”¬†– Andrew Miller, Creative Brand Strategist

At one time, perhaps “the story behind the purchase” was the tale of how you almost hit a deer on the way to the store, or how you broke your old Bluetooth headset by dropping it in your lemonade, so you needed to buy a new one. In today’s interconnected and media-driven society, the “story behind the purchase” may have a lot more to do with the business’s stance on civil rights, or whether or not a manufacturer tests their products on animals.

These preferences are more than just ideals. These are the consumers’ way of supporting things that really matter to them. It’s in a business’s best interest to carefully examine what corporate social responsibility issues they’re willing to take on. What issues are we as a small business, as an entrepreneur, as a non-profit, passionate about, and how does that plug into the society around us?

On the flip side of that coin, it’s up to us as consumers to seriously consider what issues are the most important to us. What are we willing to spend, or to give up, in the interest of those issues? Is it worth it to spend a little more for the same product, knowing that the seller is taking action and making a difference in ways that matter to you?

In a world of instant feedback and worldwide social media, businesses and consumers alike have a choice in how they will use their voices.

What’s the story behind your purchase? Are you satisfied with the role the company is playing in their corporate social responsibility around issues that are important to YOU?

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