Educated Girls Rock

Educated Girls Rock is committed to the betterment of girls and young women.



Lawerenceville, GA 30042

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What is this organizations mission? Educated Girls Rock is a nonprofit organization committed to the betterment of girls and young women of all cultural backgrounds through education. We realize that if any woman is to live a life of purpose and equality it must come by way of a proper education. We serve as an advocate of education for the female generation of today and encourage them to strive to use education to elevate all facets of their life.

Who does this organization serve? In 2012, Nisha Glenn founded Educated Girls Rock, to enrich and empower girls by providing them with resources and knowledge through education. The goal of the organization is to make educational opportunities available to woman and girls throughout the nation, inspiring them to claim their power within through knowledge.

WE INSPIRE – believing all girls and young women deserves an opportunity to find her voice and achieve her potential and celebrate a life defined by responsibility, dignity, serenity and grace. WE PARTNER – with local school systems, organizations and colleges across the United States to develop necessary tools for girls and young women to adjust in everyday situations and throughout their lives. WE EDUCATE – by designing programs that encourage participation including performance, discussion, exhibitions; by involving girls and young women of diverse races, classes, ethnic origins, sexual orientations and age.

Educated Girls Rock works in close partnership with teachers, principals, educators, ministries of education, private sector education and technology providers and so many more organizations in order to constantly improve the quality and relevance of girls and young women in education.


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