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Five Simple Ways You Can Change Someone’s Life

We each have a responsibility. We are constantly surrounded by other people, and we need to do what we can to make their lives better – in effect, change someone’s life. While this sounds very high and fancy, it can honestly be quite down-to-earth and even easy. These are five simple things that you can do to impact the people in your workplace.

1. Be diligent. Did you know that you can change someone’s life without saying anything? As the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words. So set a good example, no matter who is watching you. You never know who will notice and try to emulate you.

2. Be positive. Many people will be more grateful than you realize for a kind word or a smile here and there. Praise people for their successes. If there is a problem, try to find a solution instead of simply yelling at them for doing something wrong. This can turn someone’s life completely around. 

3. Be a mentor. Being a mentor doesn’t mean you have to go out for coffee with someone on a weekly basis and have hour-long chats (although that’s not a bad idea). You can mentor others in the workplace in very simple ways. Ask your employees or less-experienced coworkers if they have any questions. Offer advice without being patronizing. Take extra time to show them how to do something. Mentors can change someone’s life.

4. Be personal. It’s okay to use work time to chat sometimes, especially if someone really needs a friend. Don’t go too personal at first. Ask about a pet. Ask how someone’s weekend was. You may be the first person to take an interest in your coworker, so don’t pass up the opportunity to reach out!

5. Be open. This is absolutely crucial. While you may know a whole lot more than someone else, you make mistakes and have your bad days, too. If you try to hide this fact, you will come across as proud. Instead, be vulnerable. Let others see you work through your faults in a mature way. This can make a huge difference in another person’s life. 

By putting into practice these five simple tips, you can impact the people around you in unbelievable ways! This is something you want to start right away! The sooner you begin, the sooner you can change someone’s life.

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