Freedom of Body and Mind helps grow sales

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Give Your Buyer Their Freedom Back

A buyer seeking freedom of body and mind is looking for a product or service that will allow him or her to achieve personal happiness. Napoleon Hill recognizes this freedom of body and mind as a major buyer motivation. Recognizing whether or not this pertains to your potential buyer is the first step to tailoring the perfect sales pitch. This may mean something as simple as this individual needing money to achieve their financial freedom. Then, in turn achieving freedom of both body and mind. But it could also mean they need something else entirely. Be sure to interpret this buyer with care, and understand exactly what he or she needs from you.

As a small business owner or entrepreneur this is often the main motive (besides following a passion) for starting your own business. Starting your own business is often synonymous with buying a job or buying back time. Just with the added risk of leaving the safety of full time employment. However, this is only possible with adequate management skills. Without excellent management skills you may end up working in your business instead of on it. This can be disastrous if your ultimate goal is freedom of body and mind.

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What does it mean when I say a successful business owner spends his or her time working on their business? It may mean creating the business’ strategic marketing plan or overseeing some of the daily operations. Business owners that are too involved working within their business may be staying above water, but they will never fully succeed. Working in your business would consist of partaking in more of the day-to-day operations. Flipping the burgers instead of coming up with a new social media campaign for example. Business owners working in their business will never achieve the freedom of body and mind they desire.

freedom of body and mind - inside imaageNot all products and services lend themselves to this particular buyer. If your product does, it is your job to sell the solution that lends itself to your buyer’s particular problem. The perfect product for this buyer is something that makes their lives easier. It allows them to worry less about the daily operations and allows them to work on their business more. It should not create more work for the business owner in the long run. Your product or service should put them in a better position to achieve greater success and ultimately gain back their freedom of body and mind.

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When freedom is the ultimate motivation for any buyer, giving them back time while providing security is important. Allow business owners to work on their business. Allow them to do what they are passionate about. Allow them to watch the seed they planted grow. This buyer is passionate and desires freedom of both body and mind, so frame your product or service in a way that will give that to them!


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