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Reach your fundraising goals with Mobile Apps for Charity! We have revolutionary as well as time-tested fundraising ideas to help your organization do the most for YOUR cause.

Accelerate Capacity to Grow with Board, Volunteer & Donor Development

Fundraising ideas by Accelerating Your Capacity to Grow

Think of the value you bring to your organization if you had 10X the number of business professionals following you on LinkedIn. Using our proprietary strategies and processes we will build your connections and message them. We have a special concentration in your local area. Can your organization benefit from having more company leaders and decision makers as connections and fans? That’s who you can find on LinkedIn. And, that’s what we can deliver to you. One of our goals in creating this program is to enable charities and nonprofits to create sustainable practices which take their focus off the need to “live” from event to event.

Best of all, by working with local service clubs and businesses in your area, we can get our services provided to you at no cost to your organization! Ask us how!

Hyper-Local Email Marketing

Fundraising ideas involving Hyper-Local Email Marketing with Predictive Analytics

Imagine if you knew who was already a strong believer in supporting charities? Imagine if you knew who in your community had the most income, voted a certain way, had a specific hobby, etc. We have that ability! We will help you can get your message out via email to the best-qualified people – those who are most predisposed to supporting YOUR cause.

Watch a video of how this works!

Have a donor list already? We can do a predictive analysis of your donor’s demographic characteristics so that we can target people with those same characteristics around your community, state, region or the entire country.

Our service can cost big organizations tens of thousands of dollars. We can do for you at no cost to your nonprofit!

Fundraising ideas

Nspire Network

Fundrasing ideas involving Nspire Network

Our partnership with “Nspire Network” can help create income for you. It translates the same way around the world — to guide or control by divine influence. The founders of Nspire Network were divinely assembled together and have a unified vision to positively impact the lives of millions of people by offering more than just quality products and the opportunity to earn life-changing income — the vision is much bigger. Nspire is a mission. A movement. A purpose-driven collection of individuals who truly desire change. Nspire will touch you. Nspire will motivate you. Nspire will teach you. Nspire will challenge you to reach heights within yourself you never thought possible. Nspire Network sponsors charity events to help organizations reach their goals through fundraising.


Fundraising ideas involving one-time events

We help you bring people together at a local event to support your cause. You know your organization does amazing work. Why not share it with your community with our help. You’ll benefit when your supporters do things they are going to be doing anyway! Our strategies work with your 501C3 nonprofit organization.

No matter what your cause, we recognize that needs vary greatly from one community to another. That’s why we’ve created programs that allow us to help raise funds within your local community.

We are believers that teamwork builds the foundation for a successful community and our goal is to help make your community the best place to live, work and play.

Fundraising ideas


Fundraising ideas when you “Refer Your Physician”

Until recently, dosing and prescribing medication has been both an art and a system of trial and error. Now, developments in the field of genetic testing have made finding the right dose and the right medication for the patient a science. Did you know… The 5th leading cause of death in America today is pharmaceutical complications. It is time we lowered that number!

Enter Pharmacogenomics – the clinical application of how genes and DNA affect a person’s response to drugs. Now, when your supporters, donors, volunteers, etc. successfully introduce us to their doctors and pain medication specialists, your organization will receive compensation.

Working with our partner has tremendous advantages for both patients and physicians. Some of these are:  

  • Ability to make more informed medical decisions
  • Higher probability of desired outcomes thanks to better-targeted therapies
  • Reduced probability of negative side effects
  • Focus on prevention and prediction of disease rather than reaction to it
  • Earlier disease intervention than has been possible in the past
  • Peace of mind about side effects
  • Decreased chance of hospitalization

Why is it important to prevent adverse drug reactions?

  • Did you know there are drugs which can cause severe or life-threatening reactions in patients who have certain variations in their genes? Knowing about patients’ genetic variations can help physicians avoid drugs that may cause these adverse reactions.
  • Our partner specializes in testing individual genetic (DNA) differences in patients which cause varied responses to a single drug. There exists a key pathway for drug metabolism, particularly with regard to drug interactions.
  • Using a patient’s own DNA, this testing uniquely maps your genetic background, giving the clinician the ability to choose and tailor medication to that patient’s very specific genetic make-up. It’s safer and it is covered by most insurance!
  • Fill out our form here so we can suggest this to your physician today.


Fundrasing ideas involving custom jewelry

Our partnership with “Forever In My Heart Jewelry by Mira” can create income for you. Your organization can have a custom piece of jewelry designed that makes your cause come to life in the hearts and minds of your supporters. There is no upfront cost to your organization and no inventory to buy. You simply share your custom design on social media, in email and even on your website. The orders are fulfilled and you receive a generous commission.

“Forever In My Heart Jewelry by Mira” is making a big splash with the Hollywood Elite. She recently appeared at the Golden Globe awards and soon will be showcasing her product at the Oscars. Watch our friend Mira here as she talks about her inspiration.

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