Gaining Millennial Followers and business survival

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Gaining Millennial Followers on Social Media

Improving your key performance indicators is imperative. Clicks, followers, retweets and shares are the buzzwords. The goal for a small business is to gain notoriety in today’s accessible world. Cultivating your Facebook and Twitter stock distinguishes your business from any competition. Don’t ignore other platforms where your prospects frequent. Gaining millennial followers is a multi-platform endeavor.

The goal for a small #business is to gain notoriety in today’s accessible world. Click To Tweet

Think about how customers are finding you. Chances are if they found you, then they have also located your competitor. In the race for clients, “Business A” is going to win by producing relevant content. “Business B”, who ignores valuable social media resources is a distant 2nd (or worse).

Still lacking inspiration? Here’s motivation from a maverick of marketing: Taco Bell. Some of their featured tweets are below.


Taco Bell twitter


Taco Bell boasts an impressive 1.71 million (and growing) Twitter followers. They have revolutionized what it means to interact witTaco Bell Twitter - 1h celebrities and customers alike. In an interview seen at Momentology, Tressie Lieberman—formerly the senior director of digital marketing for Taco Bell—shared her views on social engagement. She stated, “instead of sitting behind glass and listening to a focus group, we now have access to 20 million consumers. We can be inspired by them and connect with them and have real relationships with them. Being a lifestyle brand, it’s not just about food and photos. It’s do unto others as you would do unto you. We’re creating content now that’s endemic to the platform. We’re thinking about things they want to talk about.” In many cases, that “they” refers to millennials.

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We are not suggesting that you start playful Twitter feuds with your local competitors. You may not have the same access to celebrities. What this shows is that interactions with millennials are vital to growth and profitability. When you are gaining millennial followers, it pays to be where they are. Our suggestion is to put the right social strategies in place and watch your business soar. Gaining millennial followers will show dividends for a long time!

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