How to Get Motivated!

Sometimes, it is very difficult to get motivated. Perhaps, you are going to do a task that you find unpleasant or tedious. When you are about to do a difficult task, especially one in which you have little or no interest, you may find yourself distracted. You may begin to procrastinate and the next thing you know, you’ve wasted an hour looking at cat videos on YouTube or clicking on articles about what became of obscure celebrities who used to star on television shows from your childhood. It goes without saying that procrastination is not helpful. So, how does one avoid it? In addition, how can you help employees get motivated? If you understand how to motivate yourself, you can begin learning how to motivate others.

Motivating Yourself

Get Motivated - 1The first key to getting motivated is to increase your focus. The more you focus, the easier it is to get motivated to do something. The brain is a muscle. Like any muscle, it needs to be exercised in order to get stronger. One good way to do this is to start gradually. You can set a goal of focusing completely on a task for a set amount of time. The time doesn’t need to be very long, say five to ten minutes. Afterwards, you can take a break and then return to the task. Once you’re able to focus you can gradually increase the time. Physical exercise is also a good way to increase focus. Studies have shown that strengthening the body through physical exercise has the effect of increasing focus, probably through increasing willpower. This helps you to get motivated.

There is a trick using brain chemistry that can help you to get motivated. When we accomplish a goal, we get a rush of the brain hormone responsible for pleasure, dopamine. Success can literally be addictive! The more you accomplish, the better you feel. The key is that to get this rush you need to actually accomplish something. Keep this in mind and set a daily goal for yourself. Some foods such as chocolate, blueberries and fish can also have this dopamine-releasing affect. One practical way of achieving goals and increasing motivation is to make a list of goals. This helps you to remember what it is you need to do.

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Motivating Employees

Once you understand how to motivate yourself, it is easy to begin learning how to help others to get motivated. When motivating employees, it is important to give your employees a specific goal to work towards. People are more motivated when they have a goal to accomplish. Meeting a goal gives people a sense of accomplishment. If your employee feels that they are accomplishing something, they will naturally be more motivated. It is important that these goals be small and reasonable.

Get Motivated - 2If the goal is too far reaching then you’ll have ended up discouraging your employees rather than motivating them. A small goal has the advantage of being easily achievable with a little effort. When your employees have achieved a goal, it is a good idea to reward them. This gives them an extra incentive. Incentives, such as pay raises or other benefits, are a good way to motivate employees. An employee with a good salary and a 401K is likely to be a very motivated employee!

Many times an unmotivated employee may not feel excited or passionate about their work because of a negative work environment or because he doesn’t feel like a part of the company. When a person feels a personal investment in something then they are more likely to get motivated. So, how do you make your employee feel like a valued member of your company? It is good to be transparent. Let your employee have his or her say when it comes to important decisions. This will give them a feeling of investment and power which will go a long way towards motivation.

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There is also the case of a negative work environment causing employee motivation to decline. According to a recent study conducted by Towers Perrin, the five most common causes of a negative work environment are an excessive workload, concerns about management’s ability to lead, anxiety about the future, lack of challenge in their work and insufficient recognition for their accomplishments. By addressing each issue, you can have more motivated employees. An excessive workload can be remedied through dividing up tasks among several employees. This prevents one employee from being overloaded.

Concerns about a manager’s ability to lead can often lead to anxiety about the future. The only way to solve that problem is to have an inspiring management style that radiates confidence. If you’re confident, then that will radiate to your employees and help them get motivated. On the other side of not overwhelming your employees with too much work, you do not want to give your employees so little work that they become bored. Balance is important when it comes to this issue. When an employee accomplishes something, you want to give them recognition. This will prevent them from losing motivation.


Everyone may lose motivation at one time or another. Through coming to understand how you can get motivated, you can increase the productivity of your business. You can also help to motivate your employees so your business can be the best it can be.


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