Kids Corner

At Kids Corner, we offer fun educational activities that are professionally supervised and affordable.



Newington, CT 06111

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What is this organizations mission? Kids Corner believes that group activities are more fun, and with multiple engaged students there is more chance to learn than at home. Kids Corner let students learn an activity without putting pressure on a parents. Parents are often relieved that they don’t need to prep to help thier children advance, and won’t be ridiculed if they make a mistake teaching chess, softball, robotics, etc.

Who does this organization serve? Kids Corner specializes in helping children flourish in settings after-school and away from school. Kids Corner was launched to help children with wholesome supervision after school. Our first school was one where almost all parents worked until after 5pm. Parents there felt Home-work clubs and, “After-Care” were not embellishing their child’s learning. They liked that Kids Corner would give their children an activity for 2 or more hours after school ended.

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