Marketing Has Changed – Have You

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Marketing Has Changed! Have you?

Today we live in a social world. Almost everyone and everything is “connected”. It is nearly impossible to thrive in isolation. Now, even competitors realize they can do more business together than alone. Because of this scenario, marketing has changed in recent years. Marketing tools abound. They are designed to help small businesses grow and thrive. Many are available at an affordable cost.

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A preferred medium nowadays for making your business visible is a mobile application. There would hardly be any person above 18 who doesn’t have a smartphone these days. Their availability and low cost make marketing with them possible for small businesses. Today, solopreneurs and entrepreneurs can have a mobile app of their own. Or, they can piggy back on another’s app as a sponsor. Either way, their marketing effectiveness grows.

App Sponsors

In recent years, a huge number of small businesses have entered the market. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some are online retail stores offering free home delivery. Others bring popular brands to common people. On the local side are indispensable service providers – real estate and insurance professionals. These businesses are always in need of more efficient marketing tools. With them, they get ahead of their competitors and do more business. Advertising on social media allows these businesses to thrive. There is another avenue to growth. With it, a small business can become successful in a short span of time. Sponsorship of a nonprofit’s mobile app helps get the word to people who use these apps on a daily basis.

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What could be more honorable than to help nonprofit organizations while marketing your business? Yes, this is the latest trend. Yes, marketing has changed. Small businesses are now supporting charitable organizations while growing their own business. Most businesses set a budget for marketing. Now they can sponsor a mobile app that is relevant to their business or niche and local to their community. The fee they pay goes towards the marketing they receive. It also provides for the creation of the app the nonprofit receives. Sponsorships are generally paid monthly although introductory and long term specials are common. This is one way marketing has changed. Today, business owners have tons of opportunities to get their word out to people the world over.

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Nonprofit organizations run on a no-profit/no-loss basis. The need for a 21st century communication tool is great. Charitable organizations need resources to make services available to people. Many offer their services either free of cost or for a minimal fee. Too many vendors line their pockets at the expense of the nonprofit. There is now a way for them to get a free mobile apps to fulfill their purpose.

How will a mobile app help your organization? It will make you more visible. It will also allow you to communicate better. Whether dealing with members of your community or raising funds, your effectiveness will grow.

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Mobile Apps for Charity (MAFC) is a division of Tourbillon Alliance Partners. MAFC creates native mobile applications for select nonprofit and charitable organizations. We provide these at no cost to the organization. Small businesses sponsor the apps. Sponsors receive marketing (mobile, social and print). They also receive access to exclusive marketing tools. We help them generate leads and build their brand. Participating small businesses earn a generation of new clients.

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