Press Room


Working with Mobile Apps for Charity means more than just socially responsible growth for your business or nonprofit. Take a look at what we’ve already compiled and see how we can help your organization.


Our Streaming TV Channel

Here we celebrate community-based small businesses and nonprofits working together to make a difference. There is a press room component to cause marketing and we explore it here.

For us, it is more than financial backing (although that is great and there should be more of it). It is showcasing what we are all doing to make the world a better place.

Visit our channel: MAFC-TV to see for yourself.

This platform allows us to showcase small businesses for the awesome work they are doing to help a nonprofit in YOUR community.

We have 50 syndication partners including Roku, Sony, Samsung, Apple TV, etc. to help with exposure. Our channel tagline is “Brands that do good, do well”.

We are looking for business people in your community who are going “above and beyond” in how they help. So while providing discounts and making donations to nonprofits are excellent (and we should all be doing more) we are looking beyond that for this project!

For the record, don’t be shy! If it is you who is doing great things for a community nonprofit, we would love to explore that with you and help where we can!

Connect with one of our founders here to make a suggestion.