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Simple Advice On Inspiring Others.

When we’re conducting business or in a professional setting, it’s generally a goal to portray the best version of ourselves and our business. We talk about our successes, why our solutions are the best and how important our model is to our clients. But what if we opened up more about challenges, adversity or failures we’ve experienced? Today we’re going to discuss how to inspire others in your own way.

You Have A Great Story, Tell It!

Think back on your career and make a list of the lessons you learned. Chances are, each one of those business or life lessons came to you in a moment of weakness or failure. These make for great stories. Maybe it was the time you lost a client or tripped in the lobby on your way to an important meeting. By exposing your moment of vulnerability with a story, you’re soliciting an authentic conversation. You’ll find people will naturally want to respond to your story with a similar experience. Now you’re talking! Watch as your connection with people can open a new line of dialogue. Now you’re inspiring others.

Take Off Your Mask

We are often forced to wear ‘masks’ in our professions. We have to overcome stereotypes and gain respect in an arena that may not welcome our expertise. This sometimes hardens us, and after years of wearing our mask, we forget to tap into what we really have to offer and who we are authentically. Don’t be afraid to connect with people as a person. Know that for every hardship you’re attempting to overcome; there is another professional trying to do the same. Talk about your successes and challenges in your profession. Watch as your connection with them grows and you begin inspiring others.

Ask, And You Will Be Asked

Anytime you find yourself with an opportunity to ask questions of another professional, do it. Having a student mentality will ensure that you will always be learning. It also presents the opportunity for others to ask questions of you. By asking questions, you’re setting the tone of the conversation that you’re willing to learn and share. Sharing leads to more authentic conversation and inspiration.

Inspiring others requires a deeper connection. Relationship building is the core requirement of any mentoring opportunity. Tell your story. Take off your mask. Be a student. Be inspirational!

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