Social responsibility and millennials are marketing gold

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Social responsibility and millennials. It’s what marketing is about!

Being a small business owner today is completely different than it was fifty years ago. Businesses are catering to a new type of generation: millennials. We choose to define millennials as individuals who were born between 1980-2000. They are a unique generation! Businesses have to account for the different mindsets that millennials have. Why should small businesses care enough to change their way of doing things? Well, because millennials outnumber baby boomers by 11 million! And that is a lot of potential customers.

Want to learn how to earn millennials as loyal customers? It starts with understanding millennials a little better. NPR provides us with some helpful facts about millennials. For starters, they are the most educated generation, to date. They are also the most diverse generation, with over 40% of millennials being nonwhite. Millennials get married at older ages than their baby boomer parents. Millennials also consider marriage as less important.

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Should you care about social responsibility and millennials? The fact that millennials care about social responsibility is important to small business owners. There’s many research studies to support this statement. This one gives some pointed statistics about corporate social responsibility (CSR):

  • 84% of millennials care about CSR when deciding what to buy or what stores they shop at
  • 78% of millennials factor in CSR when making decisions about where to work
  • 82% of millennials count CSR in decisions to recommend products or places to friends

Social responsibility is important if you want access to millennials as consumers. Social responsibility can mean a lot of different things. It can mean that a business focuses on more than making a profit. It can mean that they give back to their community, their environment, or the world in some way. It’s easy to ensure your small business places a high priority on social responsibility. Here are three easy AND inexpensive ways:

1. Go Green!

Go GreenAn easy way to make your business display more social responsibility is by going green. There are easy, inexpensive ways to do this. One way your business can be greener is getting motion-sensor lights in your building. Another way to be a greener business is to cut down on printing. Instead of using paper, use your computers as the dominant communication tool. Another way is to make sure your business uses proper recycles methods. These simple things can make your business greener and show more social responsibility. They can even save your company money.

Advertising as a green business is another way. The added benefit is it will encourage millennials to use your goods or services. The environment is an important issue to this generation and they are serious about it. A Nielsen study showed three out of four respondents would pay extra money for green services!

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2. Volunteering

VolunteerDo you like to help others? Another way for your small business to be more socially responsible is volunteer work. Volunteering can mean many different things. Taking a weekend every month to volunteer at a favorite shelters or soup kitchen is rewarding. Maybe they help as a clean up team. If you need a business benefit, volunteering can help there too. It can provide the opportunity to create and sustain ties to your local community. In the millennial generation, more people than ever consider volunteering as an important duty.

3. Donate to local nonprofits

DonateAnother way to be a socially responsible business is by philanthropic activities! Know that it doesn’t take a lot of money to give! It’s not about the amount of money you donate, but showing that you support the community and the people in it. They, in turn, are more inclined to support your business! Social responsibility helps others and it helps your small business too.
It’s important to know donating means something different to millennials than to previous generations. According to an article from NPR, millennials view donating as more like investing in a cause. They not only put their money and time into that cause, they also invest their emotions.

Social responsibility is an important consideration for small businesses. Small business social responsibility helps others and your community. In turn, it helps your business and its reputation in the community and the world. Consider these options as excellent next steps in your business growth. Show your businesses social responsibility. You’ll feel better and so will your business.

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