Socially Responsible Companies come in all sizes

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Benefits of Being a Socially Responsible Company

Corporate Social Responsibility or “CSR” has become a hot topic in the media in the past few years. Many large corporations have become socially responsible and gone out of their way to throw money at charities and non-profits to improve their brand identity. They have recognized that improving CSR is one of the fastest ways to increase sales and it has become somewhat of a competition. Yet what many small businesses don’t realize is that CSR does not have to be reserved for the big corporations. Small businesses can use the fundamental ideas of being socially responsible in the same ways that large organizations do.

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socially responsible peopleAccording to Better Business Journey, 88% of consumers claim to be more likely to buy from a company that supports activities that improve society. The benefits of being a socially responsible company are many. It wins new business, it retains old customers or clients, it saves money, it improves your reputation, and differentiates your company from other companies in your area.

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Given all the benefits, becoming a company driven by a responsibility to the community you’re in seems like a no brainer. Yet it requires a plan, it requires action, and most importantly it requires advertising. For example, local pizza shop making a change to help the environment by switching to pizza boxes made out of recycled material. Yet it means nothing if the customers don’t know about it. Letting customers know about the efforts your business is putting in to making the community a better place is important. It’s possible you’re already taking socially responsible actions; it’s time to let those actions work in your favor.

Socially responsible handsIt is also possible, depending on the community in which you live, that the public expects basic aspects of social responsibility. If your business isn’t doing these basic recycling practices, then you risk receiving backlash. They may want to see you go above and beyond that and take on issues like energy efficiency.

Making the change to be socially responsible is mutually beneficial. Many small business owners hear the words ‘socially responsible’ and think ‘expense’ or ‘money loss’. What they don’t realize is that while they are helping their local community, they are also increasing their sales. If a small business wants to compete with big brands and chain stores it is important that they value the community they reside in. More importantly, the community they reside in must value them. By giving back to that community small businesses are able to encourage community members to take on a ‘buy local’ mentality.

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Corporate social responsibility is no longer just for corporations. Small businesses have already started to reap the benefits that come with being socially responsible. If you’re a small business owner that hasn’t made the change then you’re doing your company a disservice. At the end of the day the rewards outweigh the effort.

We have prepared a FREE infographic to help small businesses with their Corporate Social Responsibility. You may download it by clicking here.

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