3RX Holdings

Specializing in genetic testing, 3RX Holdings is a Full-Service Medical Consulting & Pathology Solutions Company .




Ft Lauderdale, FL

What is this organizations mission? With a concentration in genetic testing, 3RX Advisors provide comprehensive and practical business services leveraging its Principals and other Team members’ unique perspective of the medical technology and healthcare industry and their understanding of the challenges companies and providers face in developing, commercializing or utilizing medical technology. This valuable knowledge of the industry is based on the extensive experience of members of 3RX Advisors.

Who does this organization serve? We work hand-in-hand with specialty practices across the country to help them improve the standard of patient care by adding a sub-specialty pathologist to their practices, thus converting them to multi-specialty groups. While our lab will prepare and process your specimens, your own, in-house, pathologist will read and interpret them. Your office simply bills and gets paid for the pathologist’s services. This creates added revenue for your practice, without increasing your patient workload, and improves the standard of patient care.


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