PPG Financial

PPG Financial helps commercial real estate investors on large asset sales. We ELIMINATE (not defer) capital gains tax when assets are sold.




Tyler, TX

What is this organizations mission? PPG Financial provides the personalized service you would expect from a small investment boutique, serving highly compensated individuals and business owners who share the desire to reduce their personal tax liability and create tax-free income for multiple generations. We help you ELIMINATE (not defer) capital gains taxes when assets are sold.

What does this organization offer? We help highly compensated individuals and business owners with a proven PLAN to significantly reduce taxes, PROTECT assets, and GROW investments tax-free.

1. We help eliminate 99% of the capital gains tax on asset sales. This includes a sale of real estate, business, company stock, or other assets.

2. We work with our clients and their CPA to reduce their income tax an additional 50-75%.

3. We help clients create new sources of tax-free income.

4. We help eliminate all 1031 exchange issues associated with commercial real estate investments.

5. We provide asset protection removing the risk of potential lawsuits and creditors.

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