Mobile Apps For Charity is a wonderful company that provide mobile apps for non-profit organizations, which is essential because non-profits must have an online presence. Mobile Apps for Charity also helps their small business sponsors with tools that help businesses grow. A very inspirational company!

Bria Beyerl

This is a wonderful company that provides much needed services to nonprofits for FREE, while still assisting other businesses with their marketing needs.

Amanda Meys

Wonderful company that helps nonprofits while allowing businesses to market themselves. It’s a great tool for anyone looking to improve their small business and simultaneously give back to the community!

Sara Hansen

This is truly a remarkable organization–its mission and its impact is palpable, and they are doing an outstanding job of integrating effective strategies for small businesses and non-profits via successfully-designed apps.

Willi Freire

This is a really great app for charity and for business. It is a collaborative tool that opens doors for your business and nonprofits! Win win all the way.

Babette Henry-Taylor

Mobile Apps for Charity is an amazing company! They are truly committed to helping nonprofit organizations get their name out there through their free mobile apps and assistance with fundraising!

Alex Joseph

Mobile Apps for Charity is an amazing organization that helps nonprofits with their communication and fundraising by providing fee apps. I have so much respect for their charity work and believe they are making a big difference.

Minnie Park Hamilton

I like Mobile Apps For Charity because they are helping nonprofits get there message out to more people. By helping them gain an online presence with websites and mobile apps it is an excellent way to help the nonprofits increase their fundraising so they are able to help more people in need.

Albert Stutzman

Bernie Youngblood

Commercial Food Service Appliances

“Dave Mullins has cracked the code of LinkedIn.”

Craig Morrell

Internet Marketing Professional

“The LinkedIn for marketing program has helped me reach out to different and larger industries that I normally would not have had a connection with.”

Janet Tanner

Real Estate Agents Recycle

“Dave’s company offers infinite possibilities to Real Estate Agents looking to develop their individual brands and grow their businesses by working with our favorite community-based nonprofits.”

Mark Greenstein

Ivy Bound Marketer

“Dave Mullins originally helped us with mobile apps for charity. Ivy Bound does a lot of stuff with kids like tutoring, so it was a really good fit for us. Since then, Dave has helped us with social media, such as with LinkedIn and has helped us get a lot of good contacts. If your looking for social media help, Dave has been great!”

A great mobile marketing tool for nonprofit organizations. Innovative free apps that connect non profits with their target audience, making it possible to share ideas for missions, events and fundraisers etc.

Duong Kim

Philedelphia, PA

Excellent company. Great to work for and great products.

Charles Neal

New York, NY

Need help with marketing your business and want to help charities in need?? Mobile Apps for Charity can do both. A small business helping others in need! Highly recommended.

Anjelica Paige

New York, NY

It is a win win for everyone. Great marketing tools and services, while helping local charity!

James Furman

Farmington, CT

I highly recommend Mobile Apps for Charity! This platform allows for phenomenal partnerships between you and local charities that deepens your relationships in the community! Also provides great resources for business all so you may succeed in this mobile-centric world!

Alexa Kebalo Hughes

South Windsor, C

Love that I can purchase a tool for my business and help charities a the same.

Sarah Steck

Farmington, CT