The influence of social media and your brand

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The influence of social media and your brand

This article originally appeared on LinkedIn.

In the summer of 2014, the Internet lit up with videos and posts of friends and family pouring buckets of ice water on their heads. These now soaked participants had been called out to take part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – an online social campaign to raise awareness for Lou Gehrig’s Disease, commonly known as ALS.

The social media campaign for this challenge forced people to become aware of ALS. If they didn’t know about the disease before, they became informed through the viral postings.

Since then, social campaigns have increasingly materialized throughout the country.

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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was unique in the way it used social media to achieve success and social gain. It started a trend of campaigns that used social media to advocate for a cause they believed in. Brands realized through this challenge, that they could turn to social media to spread the word about their services or beliefs.

The success of these challenges is proof that using social media and your brand can create power in the digital world.

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