Understand this Millennials are the New Norm

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Millennials are the New Norm.

I have grown up in a world that makes accusations at me for being part of an entitled generation. A generation filled with people who have high expectations but lack a willingness to work hard. In a world where kids expect trophies just for participating, and deviating from any traditional standards equates to laziness. Why does everyone have these preconceived notions about millennials? Are we really that bad? Or is it that millennials are the new norm?

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It’s true; most millennials know where their phones are at all times. They take too many selfies and Instagram their food too often. On a daily basis some millennials may communicate more virtually than face-to-face. Sending a tweet, e-mail, or text message requires almost no thought, but maintaining eye contact during a conversation has become a tedious task. Contrary to traditional and conservative opinions, millennials are the new norm. Yet, they are not trying to be blatantly disrespectful. They are not going out of their way to change society. The truth is, they are changing and adapting with a new culture.

Millennials are the New Norm - insideAmerica has always been fast, and it’s only getting faster. Efficiency is everything. Multitasking has become a norm. What used to take a week to accomplish now takes a day. Work no longer ends at 5PM when you walk out of the office doors. Millennials don’t question these new norms, because it’s all they know. They aren’t offended when their boss e-mails them in the evening because they are accustomed to the constant availability that comes with smart phones. They don’t feel overworked when they are working on two or three projects at one time because they are used to doing multiple things at once.

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The idea of a younger generation unwilling to carry out traditions is not a new notion. Millennial’s see the value of communicating in person. They also understand that this is no longer the only means of acceptable communication. Face-to-face communication has its advantages, but there are situations when virtual communication just makes more sense. Knowing the type of communication to use in specific situations seems to be built into millennial’s hard drive. While older generations are busy deciding which tool to use to fit their communication need, millennial’s are already onto the next task.

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On one hand we are often we described as a lonely and disconnected generation. On the other hand we are job-hunting in a world that requires many social media accounts to even be considered. That requires experience with professional social media use. And a high technical literacy has become an attractive quality identified by potential employers.

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I’m not advocating for those that could use a lesson in manners. I don’t think cell phones should be allowed at the dinner table. I think people should watch where they’re walking instead of having their faces buried in their phones. And I think social media is having dramatic affects on younger generations’ self esteem. However, I don’t believe millennial’s receive enough praise. Millennial’s are evolving with the times, and enhancing lives around the world. They represent change, and humans are inherently resistant to change. But millennials are the new norm; it’s time to embrace everything they have to offer.


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Halley Barnes is a graduate student at Rutgers University in the field of Communication. She recently graduated from Rutgers University with a bachelor’s degree in Communication with a specialization in Public Relations and a dual minor in Digital Communication, Media, and Information and Psychology. She spent four years as a member of the division one Rutgers Women’s Lacrosse team where she served as the captain of the team her senior year. She was also named a member of the Big East All Academic team her freshman and sophomore years, and a member of the Big Ten All Academic team her junior and senior year. As an undergraduate student she made Dean’s List all eight semesters and was the keynote speaker at the 2015 Rutgers Alumni Leadership Conference. She was also inducted into various honor societies including Chi Alpha Sigma, National Society of Leadership and Success, and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. Halley loves traveling, trying new food, going hiking and kayaking, and spending time with her family.

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