Mobile Apps For Charity: WiFi Pro

WiFi has become as essential to business as the Internet itself. Your employees need access to cloud applications and shared devices like printers, while your guests and customers expect fast connections to stream videos and access social media networks. To stay ahead of the competition, your business is going to need more than just fast, reliable WiFi – you’ll need an advanced solutions that’s smart, scalable and flexible. Enter WiFi Pro.

WiFi Pro Overview

Fastest WiFi Speeds
Get the fastest WiFi speeds and the most coverage for your employees and customers.

Promotional Tools
Customize your WiFi networks’ names and splash pages – even star real-time offers.

Easy-to-Control Features
Allocate your networks’ bandwidth, access reporting and analytics, and more rom your smart device.

Best-in-Class Security
Get 24/7 active security monitoring, on-demand security reports and even content filtering.

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WiFi Pro Features

Multiple Networks
Open WiFi access for your customers, vendors and guests – along with the private WiFi you need to run your business securely and more efficiently.

Multiple Access Points
Expand your wireless reach with up to two access points.

Customized Splash and Landing Pages
Look like a big company in the eyes of your customers. Customized pages allow you to brand your WiFi as well as the ability to feature real-time offers.

Custom WiFi Network Name (SSID)
Why just offer complimentary WiFi when you can brand it? Your customers won’t just connect – they’ll connect to you.

WiFi Network Scheduling
Provide WiFi only when you want to, like during store hours. Plus, you can schedule your private and guest networks separately.

Best-in-Class Security
24/7 wireless security threat detection, with on-demand wireless security report.

Bandwidth Allocation
Set your own limits on bandwidth to make sure guest usage does’t impact private usage.

Content Filtering
Prevent your employees and guests from accessing inappropriate websites.

Remote Configuration
Configure your wireless networks from anywhere (browser and smart device supported).

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