No Problem Outside You is Superior to Your Power Within.

Life is a series of solving problems. Now, while this thought may seem tragic, it all depends on how we look at problems. Consider this from Bob Proctor: “There is no problem outside of you that is superior to the power within you.” Mr. Proctor is a great motivational speaker who has dedicated his life to teaching others how to believe in the greatness of their minds. He is also one of our favorite authors! In this quote, he speaks about the power we each have within. The following are four ways we can powerfully change the way we see problems as they arise. In each case, YOU have the ability to master your emotions and take more control of your life.


When we take control of our reactions, we are able to remain level headed and clear minded during times of crisis and misfortune. Reacting out of haste and impulse can lead to more problems or destruction. Taking a pause to calm emotions and think clearly allows us to rise above any obstacle to see a solution.


Being mindful of the thoughts we entertain is a powerful way to steer your life’s ship. What we focus our mind on will gain momentum, which leads to manifestation. If you’re steady thinking about your problem, a solution will never be revealed. Your ability to shift focus can bring victorious rewards to any circumstance.


Simply making a decision can eliminate a majority of problems. Often times, problems occur due to a lack of decision. We don’t always have to know how something will work out, but by making a decision, we put a certain quality in the air that pulls the how to us, like a magnetic force.


Our emotions are a powerful force. We can learn to control our emotions, rather than letting them control us, by seeing them as a tool to identify how we feel, not who we are. We get ourselves stuck when we define ourselves by our problems because we identify with the feelings they bring. Because our emotions are so powerful,¬†use them, don’t become them.

No matter how well we master life, problems will always surface. There is no problem we will face that doesn’t come with a solution. By taking hold of the knowledge and ability we possess within, we are guaranteed to find a way out of any setback. Now, that’s power!

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